The work of volunteers at the MMO 2021 has been completed

The work of volunteers at the MMO 2021 has been completed

The 62nd International Mathematical Olympiad is coming to an end. To make the competition fair, and the participants to feel comfortable, volunteers worked hard – guides, observers, translators. Most of them are students of the Herzen University.

The guides work remotely, but almost 24/7. Their main tasks include adaptation of participants, organizational and consulting support, monitoring compliance with the rules of the competition, establishing contact between competitors from different countries.

“Guides are students who know foreign languages and have passed an interview. They coordinate and inform the participants of the Olympiad about various events, set participants in an optimistic mood, together with the team leaders help to overcome psychological problems. This year, as in the past, 22 guides passed language testing, solved professional communication problems, “said Sergei Ilyinsky, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Geography for educational work of the Herzen University. – Observers are students and employees of Herzen University, as well as other universities. The main quality of a volunteer is perseverance. For more than 4.5 hours, you need to look practically at one point: to observe the purity of the experiment, to monitor the correctness of adherence to the regulations.”

Dmitry Gdalin, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Geography for Academic Affairs at Herzen University, supervises the work of the observers. He is assisted by employees of teaching and methodological and educational departments, management of the development of educational activities, personnel management and social work. “For the second year in a row, Russia has shown a very interesting experience: the participants write at home, but everyone is in the same conditions. And the task of assistants is to ensure equal conditions for everyone: to start and finish at the same time, not to use any tips or gadgets. At the end of the competition days, a report will be generated for the ethics committee of the Olympiad, where comments or violations noticed by the observers will be entered. Everything is serious here, like in professional sports.”

All volunteers successfully coped with their tasks and gained invaluable experience of participating in an event of this level. We thank everyone for their help and see you soon!